Submission to BioSamples

  1. After successful validation you should be allowed to do a submission to BioSamples using our on-line tool. Just click on "Start submission to BioSamples" button on 4th stage.

  2. Next you will need to provide your AAP credentials. Please follow instructions provided in form, we would recommend to start from "Test server" submission. Pleas keep in mind that you need to create two seprate AAP accounts for test and production servers. Credentials from one account won't work on another. Screenshot

  3. Next you will need to choose from existing domains or a create new one, please follow instructions provided in a form. Then click "Submit records to BioSamples" Screenshot Screenshot

  4. After successful submission you will get you results in a table, also browser will start automatic submission results download. If it won't happen please use "Download submission results" button. It's really important to save this file in a safe place for further reference Screenshot