How do I get involved with the FAANG project?

Please register at the FAANG website to become part of the FAANG community and join the working commitees.

How do I submit sample, experimental ana analysis data to FAANG data portal?

The FAANG data portal displays sample, experiment and analysis data for livestock animals. There are detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit your data. These pages will guide you through the preparation of your data to meet the FAANG metadata standards and in the use of the tools that we have developed to support your submission.

How to access FAANG data?

We provide two ways of accessing the data: one is through this data portal, the other is through APIs to access programmatically.

Does FAANG have a Data Sharing Policy?

FAANG is committed to sharing data rapidly, before publication. All members have agreed to the FAANG Data Sharing Statement for pre-publication data release. FAANG is also committed to making regular public releases of primary and secondary analysis results to provide access to the wider community.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?

Please contact the FAANG Data Coordination Centre, we are happy to help.