Submission of array data

Please refer to the submission guidelines from ArrayExpress and GEO for the details of how to submit to these archives. The FAANG-specific aspects of submission are:

  1. Regardless of which archive you use, please ensure that you create BioSamples records (see guidance) ahead of submitting data, and use the BioSample accessions in your submissions. The details of how to refer to BioSamples are set out below. BioSamples accessions will start with SAMEA...
  2. Follow the FAANG experiment metadata guidelines for experiments.

BioSamples in ArrayExpress

The ArrayExpress submission system does not directly cater for the use of existing BioSamples accessions. Notify the ArrayExpress curators and explain that you wish to reuse existing BioSamples entries in your submission. They will provide further guidance.


Please add a new column in the SAMPLES section titled "BioSample ID" and include the SAM ID number for each sample. This will alert the curator handling your submission to link your records to each appropriate BioSample.

When you submit your data to GEO, please include in the notification email the fact that you have already generated BioSample IDs and have included them in the metadata spreadsheet.