FAANG Archive Submission guidelines

All FAANG data should be rapidly released through the archives hosted at EMBL-EBI and NCBI as per the FAANG Data Sharing Principles. All submissions should proceed using the instructions provided within this documentation that uses the FAANG validation service to ensure FAANG submissions meet the stringent FAANG Metadata Standards.

Sample information should be submitted to BioSamples at EMBL-EBI, before submission of any experimental and/or analysis data to the corresponding archives. All these
archives should be able to take the pre-registered BioSamples identifiers as part of a submission.

Data type Archive Submission guidance
Sample information BioSamples at EMBL-EBI Submission of samples to BioSamples
Sequencing data ENA Read Archive at EMBL-EBI Submission of sequencing data
Array data ArrayExpress at EMBL-EBI Submission of array data
Analysis results ENA Read Archive at EMBL-EBI Submission of analysis files
Analysis results ArrayExpress at EMBL-EBI
Analysis results European Variation Archive at EMBL-EBI
Unstructured data BioStudies at EMBL-EBI Please contact faang-dcc@ebi.ac.uk

For more information on the FAANG project please see the FAANG website.